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With our continuing growth, we have found that the Curse Forums were being used primarily for customer support. To provide Curse users with the best support, we have decided to transition all inquiries to our support system directly, beginning September 19th.

Our support system has many features for you to use: One of them is our self-service Knowledge Base that allows you to search through some of the most commonly asked questions and issues that we have come across with, Curse Premium and the Curse Client. This gives you a more instant solution to finding an answer to your question.

Please see our Knowledge Base for some of the most frequently asked questions, like:

If you are unable to find your solution in our Knowledge Base, then you can use our other option and submit a ticket to our agents. They will be more than happy to further assist you with any problem you have. Our agents will always work with you one-on-one to find the best solution for your inquiry.

Looking for continued game discussion? We have a load of active gaming communities to fit your needs, for games like World of WarcraftLeague of LegendsGuild Wars 2PokémonMinecraft, and so many more. Be sure to drop by, or get involved at one of our 300+ wikis over at Gamepedia!

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