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Shankill Oct 19 Announcements

With the new patch here, and expansion for World of Warcraft just around the corner --  many of us are doing some house cleaning with our addons.  It might be a good time to update your My Favorites list on your Curse account.  



If you haven't been using your My Favorites list maybe it's time to consider it. Could save you a lot of time later if you ever need a list of what addons you had installed. 

This feature is available to all Curse Accounts!

Shankill Oct 14 Announcements

With the release of World of Warcraft's Pre-Patch 6.0.2 many addons are needing to be updated for all the changes that have been made in preparation for the arrival of the Iron Horde.  Many authors have done this prior, but releasing them, to Curse.com, before the release of the patch could have caused issues with the current live game. 

At this time we have now released 6.0.2 versions of addons onto the Curse.com site, but there is some time between them being released on the site, and them displaying on the Curse Client.  This can take a few for everything to sync up correctly.  So if you are currently not showing an addon to be the correct version in the Curse Client try logging out and closing down the Curse Client and then logging back in.  If they still aren't updated please allow a bit longer for the Curse Client to sync completely as it has over 4000 WoW addons on Curse.com alone to go through.  

If you need them before the patch is released and goes live at or around 11 am PDT you can still manually install it addons.  

Please be aware that all authors may not have updated their addons for this patch.  So you may need to Load Out of Date addons to get some to work.  Doing this may cause issues with other addons or your game.  

Shankill Aug 29 Announcements

Support will be closed on Monday, Sept. 1st to allow our team to spend the holiday weekend with their friends and family.  This may delay some response times to tickets.  We will be picking up the normal business hours on Tuesday Sept 2nd.  We ask that you allow 24-48 business hours for a reply, and not to make multiple to bump your tickets.  We will assist you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding.


For more information on our Support Team's Business Hours please check out [this post].

Shankill Jul 18 Curse Voice / Curse Voice Beta


To get 200 free SMITE gems, all you need to do is play a game in SMITE while Curse Voice is running. You don't have to be in a voice session. After you play a game, you will receive an email with your key.

You do need to play a game before August 31, 2014 to receive 200 Gems free, and get entered into a drawing for a grand prize of 8,000 gems!

Here's some pointers on how to help you get your Gems!

Overlay Is On

When you log into Curse Voice and click on "Options" in the right side. You can also use the option icon when you are in a chat.


Near the bottom in the "Other Options" make sure "Enable In-Game Overlay" is checked.


Create Chat Session

You do not have to talk or even be in Curse Voice with another player for this to work.  However, gaming is always more fun with friends!

Once you are logged into SMITE Create a session in Curse Voice if you are doing this solo.  If you are joining others you will get the option to join them.

If your overlay is working correctly you should see the Curse Voice Overlays on the side of your game window (don't worry you can move these if you want).



You should only need to play one game to earn your gems. Some people had to play 2 or 3. You should be able to play most of the game modes to be considered for this. 

Enjoy your game!

Get Your Key Email

Once you earn the gems you'll be sent an email.  Make sure that your email with Curse and Hi-Rez are up to date and correct.  

Make sure you check your curse account to make sure that you are allowing Curse to send you emails as well filter Curse emails from your junk or spam box.

Most users should receive this after a few minute after they played, but it's possible to take longer than 30 min wait.  If you don't see an email after that time jump to the next step!

Go to Curse Voice's Site

Instead of messing with the email you can always check the Curse Voice site: http://beta.cursevoice.com/games/smite/keys and you will be greeted with your key to claim your gems.


Redeem Your Key

The full direction are also on the page where your Key is located as well. 

Log into SMITE.  Head to the Home screen and click on the Store.

Select the Redeem Promotion section.


Enter your key into the window that pops up, and click "OK". The Gems will be added to your account with a slight sound, but you won't receive any notice other than an additional 200 gems.


Auto-match Not Working

If your auto-match feature is not working, please make sure that "My Documents" folder is on local path, not on a network share.

If it's set on a network share, it will prevent us from detecting changes to the CurseVoice.json file there that Smite updates to notify Curse Voice of Auto-match events and game states. Because of this, the overlay has never detected you entering or completing any of the games you have played.

"My Documents" folder must be a local path in order to experience the auto-match feature and full integration between Curse Voice and Smite. You can Google for how to restore path, but please make sure to write down the current "My Document" path before you make any changes, so you can still find your files from the old "My Document" path.

Additional Resources

Some issue we are aware of and their potential fixes.  So if you are having other issues with Curse Voice please check out this forum post.


If you followed the guide above and still didn't get your email/key code please read the forum post linked below.


Shankill Jun 11 Curse Client / Curse Client Troubleshooting

If you are using the Curse Client with your Wildstar addons, and are having issues since the last Curse Client update there are a few things to try.  

Solution 1

This is usually a given, but try rebooting your computer.

Solution 2


Look to see if your game's exe is named "Wildstar (1).exe".  If it is, rename it to "Wildstar.exe", and see if that corrects it for you.  

It may also be something like "Wildstar (2).exe".    


Note: If you do not have file name extension visible you will not see the ".exe" portion.
So you will just see "Wildstar (1)" instead of "Wildstar (1).exe".  Do not add in the ".exe".


Solution 3

Make sure you are selecting the correct location if you are trying to manually add in Wildstar.  It is the folder that your "Wildstar.exe" is directly located in.  It does not matter if you are using Wildstar or Wildstar64.  You need to use this specific folder.