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Shankill Feb 25 Curse Client / Curse Voice Beta



Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the FAQ we are receiving.  You can find more FAQs and help at the Curse Voice Beta forums and Curse Voice Guides.

How do I get a Beta Key?

Beta testing is currently in closed beta accepting applications, but there are several ways to obtain a key.  Premium members would have received an email including one key for themselves and the option for 5 more for friends and family. Premium member give away has expired at this time reopened until April 13 @ midnight CST.

If you did not claim your beta keys as a Premium user prior to the end of the Give Away you can also fill out an application and apply to be chosen for testing.   

Can you give me a Beta Key?

At this time there are many options to obtaining a beta key.  Customer Service is not handing them out.  If you look about, you may be able to find one from a Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube channel.  You can also fill out an application and apply to be chosen for testing.  Please also keep an eye on Curse News for news about Beta Keys as we will be giving out more as the beta testing stages progress.

Where are my X number extra keys?

Once you have claimed your key through the Curse Voice site you will receive an email about them.  This email may take a few for you to get.  Please be patient in it's arrival.  For the 10 extra keys those are only given to members who started test prior to a specific date.

Please refer to the Curse Voice Beta forums for more information.

I applied for Beta.  Where's my keys?

The application process is not instant.  They are done manually.  Since Beta is still a limited closed; beta keys for those that apply will be sent out as testers are needed.  If you have not received an email for beta testing yet your application is still in queue.  Support cannot give you any information on your application or where it's at in the queue.  Please do not submit requests about such.

Can you add/change _____________ in the Curse Voice?

We would love to hear you feedback and the best way to get it to our team is through the Curse Voice forums.

I found a bug/having issue with Curse Voice.  How do I let you know?

Do not submit a ticket here for this.  If you are in the Curse Voice use the Report a Bug feature.  If you can't get into Curse Voice post to  the Curse Voice Beta forums instead.  Only submit bugs for Curse Client v5 through this support at this time please. 

I created a Curse account and got a key in my email, but it doesn't work.  Why?

If you had just created your Curse Account that email is for the process of email verification that is no longer required to complete the account creation.  Keys for the verification process will have such characters as + or =  in them.

I downloaded the Curse Voice and when I try to log in it says I need access to the Family and Friends testing program.  Why?


If you are getting the above notice; this means your account is not associated with a Beta Key.  Make sure you have assign the beta key to and logging into the correct account.

I got an email inviting me to Beta Test how do I claim my key?

Simple.  Just follow this guide.

How do I change my name on Curse Voice?

You do not need to change your Curse account name to change it in Curse Voice.  Follow this guide on how to do that!

How do I change my avatar on Curse Voice?

This guide will show you

Can I use this on my MAC?

Right now our focus is on our Windows client. Down the road we will certainly consider creating a Mac version.

You can find more FAQs and help at the Curse Voice Beta forums and Curse Voice Guides.

Shankill Feb 19 Announcements

We have made some alterations to the Curse Premium subscription. We felt that our users were not getting the best service and value by having a monthly or quarterly subscription. By purchasing monthly, the user ends up spending $59.40 -- double what an annual subscription costs; by purchasing quarterly, the user ends up spending $41.40 -- adding an additional $12.00 to the subscription. So, our team evaluated this and decided that offering only a yearly subscription, at $29.40, would help our users financially and cut down on confusion by simplifying the available options and billing schedules.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we feel this offering is the best for our users - and that's what they deserve! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you! Enjoy the Game!

Shankill Feb 18 Announcements

Our developers have update the database to reflect the version change of World of Tanks from 8.9 to 8.10.  It should be reflecting in the Curse Client shortly.

Shankill Feb 05 Announcements

Curse has 500,000 beta keys for The Elder Scrolls Online Beta! Curse Premium users will have first chance to grab one, from February 4th through 5th. The giveaway will then open to everyone else on February 6th to 10th. 

You can find more details about TESO on the official site and the wikiPreorder details and beta support are also on the official site.

You can grab your key here! Keep in mind that the beta is still under an NDA.

Once again the dates for which types of accounts will be eligible are:

Premium Only: February 4th - 5th, 2014
All Curse Members: February 6th - 10th, 2014

Shankill Jan 16 Announcements

This is a follow up for the announcement about the removal of PayPal as a payment method for Curse Premium.

At this time we had reintroduced the PayPal option as one of the options in paying for Curse Premium.  If you have any issues with it since it has been reinstated please submit a ticket ASAP to our Billing and Premium.