[Minecraft] Retrieving GameOutput.log

Sometimes when you are having issues with Minecraft profiles launching; support will ask for your GameOutput.log.  This is fairly easy to obtain. 

Getting GameOutput.log

Open up Curse and click on the Minecraft icon to the left.

Click PLAY for the profile you are having issues with.

When the Minecraft Launcher loads up click on the Edit Profile.

Locate the Launcher Visibility: and make sure it is checked and set to Keep the launcher open.

Click Save Profile and then play your game.  You will now see a new tab in the Minecraft Launcher called Game Output (MINECRAFT NAME).

Right click anywhere to get the Copy All Text option and click on it to copy the Output to your clipboard.

Next using Notepad or Notepad++ paste the Output into a new document.  Please do not use Word, Wordpad, or screenshot. 

To Paste you have 3 simple options:

  • Right click and select Paste
  • Hit CTRL + V on your keyboard
  • Go to Edit > Paste 

Save the document as GameOutput.txt, and attach it to your ticket.