Twitch/Curse Account Merge

Curse and Twitch are joining forces and offering users the ability to merge their accounts into one account for easier use, and easier access to future features.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts. Each day, close to 10 million visitors gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 2 million streamers. We invite you to join the millions of people who come to Twitch to stream, view, and interact around these shared passions together.


What is Curse?

Curse is a global multimedia and technology company focused on creating content and products specifically for gamers. We provide information and tools to help gamers better enjoy all aspects of their gaming lifestyle.


Why Joining Forces?

After joining the Twitch family in 2016, Curse has worked to integrate your favorite Twitch content into our sites. With account merging, we’re making it easier than ever to log into your Curse account, and it will also pave the way for exciting site features we have planned for the future.

How to Merge

To merge your Curse account into your Twitch account you will need to select to LOG IN WITH CURSE.

Once you have done that you will get a Curse login screen.  Login using your Curse Username (or email associated with your account) and password.  Then click on LOG IN WITH CURSE.

Now if you have a Twitch account you'll want to select YES.  

Note: For those of you who do not yet have a Twitch account you can click on NO and be taken to a page you can create your Twitch account.

You will now need to log into your Twitch account, if you are already logged in on Twitch it will give you a notice asking if it is the correct account.

You will now be promoted to Authorize to allow Curse to use your account to merge into your Twitch account.


Once you are logged in you are ready to merge.  It will explain that you will now use your Twitch username instead of your Curse after the merge happens.  This is more important for those who have different usernames.

When you are ready click on CONFIRM MERGE

Congratulations!  You have now successfully merged your Curse and Twitch accounts into one account.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Why does it say my account is already merged? I didn’t merge it!

A. It’s likely your Twitch account was automatically “provisioned” a Curse account. This occurs when the option “I don’t have a Curse account” is selected when logging in with Twitch. Please contact support if you had a Curse account you wanted to merge, otherwise you can simply use the Twitch account to login.


Q. Why should I merge my Curse account with my Twitch account? What are the benefits of merging my account?

A. The benefit of merging your account is that you will have 1 single account moving forward. You will have less usernames and passwords to remember and can use the same credentials on Twitch App as well as on You will also receive access to Twitch emotes as well as the World of Warcraft addon "update all" feature.


Q. Will my existing Curse account change?

A. If your accounts are properly merged, you will not lose any of your account information or friends as merging your account will combine that information into one account. Once merged - you'll be logging in with your Twitch account. Please contact support so we can assist you.


Q. I merged my account and lost all my friends, servers, groups…everything! Why?

A. That means that the Curse account holding that information was not merged to your Twitch. Either another Curse account was merged, or you ended up with a “provisioned” Curse merged to your Twitch. Please contact support so we can assist you.


Q. What will happen to my Twitch account if I decide to delete my Curse account?

A. Once you have merged your account you will need to go through Twitch support to delete your account.


Q. What will happen to my Curse account if I disable my Twitch Account?

A. After you've merged, the accounts are connected so if you disable your Twitch account, you will not be able to log into your Curse account.


Q. My Twitch and Curse Name are different, which one is the name I get to use?

A. After you merge you will be using your Twitch username. You may have an option to keep your Curse username if it is not already taken, or you can choose to change your Twitch username entirely.


Q. I merged my account and the capitalization is wrong on Twitch App now!

A. After you merge you may find that the capitalization of your username has been changed. You can update this by changing the "Display Name" through Twitch. Once you've updated that, log out and back into Twitch App and the updated capitalization should appear.


Q. What if I want to use my Curse username, but it's taken on Twitch?

A. Unfortunately you will need to choose another username.


Q. What will happen to my nickname on the Curse websites?

A. If you already have an account on a Curse website (i.e. Minecraft Forum, Gamepedia, etc)  then your nickname will remain the same.


Q. How do I manage my account information once it is merged with my Twitch account?

A. All of your account information will now be handled through Twitch. You can easily access the area where you change your account information in the profile section of your account.


Q. What log in credentials do I use after I have merged my account?

A. You will need to use your Twitch login credentials after choosing "Login with Twitch" after you merge your account.


Q. Do I need to have a Twitch account to do this?

A. Yes, you will need a Twitch account to merge your Curse account into, but there will be an option to create one during the merge process.


Q. What if later I want to unmerge my accounts, can I?

A. Once your Curse and Twitch accounts are merged you will not be able to unmerge them. Deleting or disabling your Twitch account will not unmerge the accounts. Support can not assist in unmerging accounts.


Q. I already merged my account, but the Twitch App is stuck on the merge screen. I can’t even logout!

A. Please contact support, we’ll most likely need to walk you through logging out another way or reinstalling the Twitch App.