Subscription Plan Changes

March 2017

We have an important update to share regarding Curse Premium: we’re sunsetting the program as it is known today. At the same time, we will be opening up our addons-focused features for all users on the Twitch Desktop App, meaning that everyone will be able to use Update All, Multiselect, and soon AddonSync.

What does that mean for current subscribers? Pro-rated refunds to all Premium subscribers start today. Refunds should be processed by mid-April.

In keeping with our commitment to the addon and mod community, we will continue to support our Author Rewards program. Long-term, we’re working on plans to enhance the program, and will have details to share in the future.

While we’re extending these Premium app features to everyone over time, we will be making some tweaks. Current subscribers will continue to have access to Addon Sync while we work to provide it to all users in the future, as well as keeping Multiselect and Update All app features. We’re retiring dragon portraits and the ad-free Curse network program. Curse site-specific programs such as Muthead Supporter and Gamepedia Pro will continue to exist.

We want to thank all our subscribers for their loyalty and support over the years. Contributions to Premium were part of what allowed us to turn addon and mod creation into a full time job for many authors, and your contributions to that community helped make it what it is today.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via




February 2014

We have made some alterations to the Curse Premium subscription. We felt that our users were not getting the best service and value by having a monthly or quarterly subscription. By purchasing monthly, the user ends up spending $59.40 -- double what an annual subscription costs; by purchasing quarterly, the user ends up spending $41.40 -- adding an additional $12.00 to the subscription. So, our team evaluated this and decided that offering only a yearly subscription, at $29.40, would help our users financially and cut down on confusion by simplifying the available options and billing schedules.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we feel this offering is the best for our users - and that's what they deserve! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you! Enjoy the Game!