[Win] Uninstalling Curse App

This guide will show you how to uninstall the Curse App using the native uninstaller in Windows as well as how to use CCleaner to help uninstall as well.

How to Uninstall Curse

From the Windows Start menu, select the Control Panel option.


Windows 7 click the Uninstall a program under Programs.


Scroll down to the listing for Curse, and click the Uninstall/Change button in the toolbar.


Using CCleaner

If the above doesn't work try using CCleaner to assist in removing the Curse App.   

If you don't have CCleaner you can download and use it for free from Piriform's site.

Run CCleaner and click on the Tools button.

Click the Uninstall tab at the top.  You should default to this tab when you first go to Tools.

Scroll through the list of programs installed on your machine until you find the Curse App.  Click on Curse.

Note: If you have the Curse Client v5 installed as well, it will appear on this list as Curse Client.

Click on Uninstall on the top right side.

Follow prompts to uninstall the Curse App by click on Yes.

Note: If you are getting the error "Another version of this product is already installed." and can't install or uninstall the Curse App; please check out this guide.