How do I change my Curse Nickname?

For many reasons people wish to change their account's nickname.  Either it's an old account of theirs and they now use a new "nickname" on the internet, or they just no longer like the current name. We can change it for you.

If you use the Curse app please follow this guide to change your Curse Username. 

Changing your mods.curse nickname

Log into the Curse account you want the name changed on through, then head back to our support page and open a new ticket request.

Note: Please make sure the email on your ticket is the one associated with your Curse Account you are wanting the name change on.  Not doing so can cause delays in getting your account name changed.

Fill out the ticket similar to as you see below.  Make sure to give us the top three rename choices you would want your account changed to.  Select the category: Account Assistance > Account Rename

To get your nickname changed you will need to:

  1. Log in to your Curse account that you want the name changed on.
  2. File a Support Ticket
  3. Set your ticket to "Account Assistance > Rename"
  4. Let us know your top 3 picks for your rename
  5. Include which website(s) you'd like the nickname changed on if this includes more than just mods.curse. Please remember that you can change your own username in Curse App and do not need to submit a request for that! 

For security reasons, we will not be able to make a change to an account you are not submitting the ticket from. 

Username or Nickname on Another Website

If you are wanting to change your Curse username or nickname on an associated Curse Site (Hearthpwn, Zybez, Minecraft Forums, etc.)

Please find the appropriate category in our Web Support Site and follow the instructions to contact them for further assistance. Please note that each site's renaming rules may be different and Curse App support does not have access to change these - submitting a ticket to Curse App support may delay your request. 


Naming Selections

Please remember that there are some limitations to what usernames you can use. 

  • Names need to follow Curse's ToS.
  • You can only choose usernames that are not currently used by another Curse account.
  • Names cannot contain spaces, accents, or symbols.
  • Names can contain underscores ( _ ), but not the the beginning or end of a name.
  • Capital or lower case letters do not matter - it's the same name.  "Hello" is the same as "hello" or "hElLo", but make sure capital and lower case are used the way you want.
  • Names need to be between 3 and 28 English characters.