How to Submit a Ticket


When submitting a ticket the time to get it resolved can be increased by a number of things.  This guide is to show you how to get the quickest solution to your issue.

How to Help Yourself

Search Through the Knowledge Base.

There is a lot of helpful information located in the Knowledge Base.  Use the search feature and/or thumb through them to see if your issue hasn't already been addressed.


Setting Up Your Question

How you set up your question can determine how fast a solution is reached.  If some important information is left out it can take longer to acquire the information needed.

Make sure the subject portrays your issue.

Though we respond to every ticket it is very helpful to make sure the subject line is a brief blurp about your issue.

Wrong: HELP ME!!!11!!!
Correct: Premium not showing up on Client

Please try to be sure your ticket is grammatically correct.  

Use punctuation and capitalization properly. This makes your ticket easier to understand and read. We are aware this is not an English paper and we have users from all over the world.   The post not being perfect is understandable. Trying to decipher some slang terms can be difficult after a long day of working on tickets, so the clearer the issue is communicated, the better.

Try Avoiding:

  • L33t Sp34k
  • all lower case
  • txt chat 

Make sure you're descriptive in your question.

Supply information that is needed in order to answer your question.

  • What specifically you are having issues with. 
  • What site the issue is happening on (remember though Curse is the hub of all the sites.  Curse Support might not be the best place to get support for a specific site). 
  • Browser you are using.
  • Steps to replicate the issue.
  • Any errors or notices you received - screenshots are great!
  • Account Name that is having the issue (remember some sites allow you to have a nickname that is different than you account name).
  • What you have tried and the results
  • Error Logs or Curse Client Logs

Remember quantity does not equal quality.

It helps to keep the topic focused on the issue and not added unnecessary information.  Posting stuff such as a complaint will take away from the matter at hand and can cause some confusion.  We understand some situations can be frustrating, but please separate feeling from fact  (e.g., only post about the issue) so that we can get you a solution as best we can.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Screenshot, mockups, etc. are very useful to help people see what you are trying to explain.  When it comes to technical things we don't always know the terms for everything or may use a different term.  Images can help clear that up.  Make sure the images are of a reasonable size.  You can attach jpg, png, and gif files to your ticket.

Be courteous to us and others.

We're working hard to make this the best experience for you. We have a better ear for people who are civilized. :)

Issue With Another Site

If you are having a site related issues that is not with, Curse Client, Curse Premium, Gamepedia or Minecraft Forums, but is a Curse Site (Reign of Gaming, Zybez, Marriland, LoLNexus, MutHead, etc.)  it is best to contact the site for further assistance.  You can do this by posting to their forums or PMing a site admin of the site.  Many sites also have a feedback or contact feature that you should use.

Issues that need to be addressed through the site:

  • Posting Privileges
  • Naming / Deleting Account (unless other wise stated on the site) 
  • Mod or Administrative actions (bannings, restrictions)
  • Site bugs and Feedback
  • Contest or Sweepstake questions (that the site is hosting)

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us get you and others the best support experience possible.