Create a New Windows User Account


You may be asked to create a new Windows User account to help troubleshoot some issues.  Doing this can tell us a lot about what may or may not be the cause of issues you are experiencing with the Curse App. 

Need this guide for a specific Windows version? Click on the version below:

Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10

Windows 7

Start by going to your Start button and typing "add user" in the search.  Then select Add or remove user accounts from under the Control Panel options that appears.

Click on the Create a new account under the lists of accounts on your computer.

Choose a name for the new account.  In the image "Snigglepoo" was used.  Select Administrator for the account type.  This is important and doesn't matter if your other account is or is not Administrator.  This test one needs to be.  

Now, click on Create Account.

You should now see your new administrator account in the account list in your Manage Accounts page.

Go to your Start button again, and click on the little arrow on the right of the Shut down to get additional options.  Select Switch user.

This will bring you to your login screen where you will need to select your new Admin account.  Once in the new account download and install a fresh download of the Curse App.

Windows 8

Click on the little circle with an arrow pointing down in it.

Select PC Settings from the list of apps.

Then choose Accounts from the options given.

Select Other accounts and then on that page click on Add an account.

Select the option at the bottom left that is Sign in without a Microsoft account.  Then hit Next.

Click on Local account.

Put in the account information.  In this example the account name is "Snigglepoo".  Then hit Next.

Do not check that this is a child's account.  Then click Finish.

Open up your newly create account options.

Click on Change your account type.

Change the account to Administrator.

Click on the Change Account Type.

Go to you Start screen and select your new admin account.  Once in the new account download and install a fresh download of the Curse App.

Windows 10

Start by going to your Search and typing "add user" in the search.  Then select from under the User Account: Control Panel options that appears.

Select Manage another account in the list options.

Click on Add a new user in PC settings.


Click on Add someone else to this PC option.

For this you do not need a MS account because you are only testing on the local computer.  So click on The person I want to add doesn't have an email address near the bottom of the window.

Once again you do not need a MS account for this.  So click on the Add a user without a Microsoft account near the bottom.

If you are testing you only need to give the account a username.  For this guild the account name given is "Snigglepoo".

You will now be taken back and see your new account.  However, it is only showing to be a Local Standard account.  You need to make it an Local Administrator account.

Click on the account to get some new options.  Select Change account type from the options given.

Change Standard to Administrator from the drop down under Account type.  Then click on OK.  

The account should now show as Administrator - Local account.  If not make sure you have done all the proper steps.

Now click on MS Account name within the Start menu.  This will give you an option drop down.  Click on the new account you have created.