About Your Audio/Video Settings

Follow the Audio Settings step then select which area you need more information with.  This is just an overview of this area in your Curse App.



Please note this guide is an overview of how to use these features.  If you are having issues with your audio or sound, please contact our support for further assistance. 

Audio Settings

You will need to go into the Curse App, and head to the Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the App.

This will open up your Settings options.  Click on the Audio/Video link.

Video Camera

At the top of this page you will be able to choose your webcam - though it should be auto-detected. You can also see a preview of your video. 


Your microphone is an important part of using Curse for voice communication.  There are several settings available for you to customize.

For this you will need to locate the Microphone section of the Audio Settings.

Device - Is your ability to select which device your sound will be going through (e.g., the sound input).  

Volume - You can also control the volume of your input.

Automatically Boost Microphone - Boosts the volume of your mic, this is good to use if your mic is quiet.

Automatic Gain Control - Levels out your volume, sounds that are really quiet are boosted, and sounds that are loud are lowered. This is helpful to use if you're still having trouble after enabling "Automatically Boost Microphone". Note that this may cause your mic to pick up significantly more background noise. 


Your Headphones or Speakers are also very important when using Curse for voice communication.  There are several settings available for you to customize.

For this you need to locate the Speakers/Headphones section of the Audio Settings.

Device - is your ability to select which device your sound will be coming out of (e.g., the sound output).  

Volume - You can also control the overall volume of your output.

Play Test - plays a sound to test the output to your device.

Voice Activation

You can customize the sensitivity of the input threshold so that it's not transmitting every sound, and vise versa.

For this you need to locate the Voice Activation section of the Audio Settings.

Bar - Shows the registering of sound through your input device.

Automatically Adjust Voice Activation - Automatically adjusts your voice threshold.


Some people would prefer that their mic is not constantly transmitting, or to be able to stop it for a second or two. 

For this you need to locate the Push-to-Talk section of the Audio Settings.

Push-to-Talk - this is the key you will press to either transmit or pause transmission.

Always - requires you to always use PTT and cancels out any voice activation.

Toggle Mode - toggles the transmissions by using your push-to-talk key.

Cutoff Delay - continues to transmit for a short time after releasing the PTT.

For more keybind options check out the Keybinds options page.


Voice Session Information give you controls for your call on your desktop (mute, hangup, etc.), when Curse is in the background.

This option is located at the very bottom of the Audio/Video section of your Settings.

If you have this toggled on you will get controls for your session when Curse is not your focus window.

You can move this control window to a different monitor, to the bottom of the screen, or to either side if you like by clicking and dragging it to where you want it to be.