About Your Friend Sync Settings

Friend sync allows you to sync your friend's list from other things like Skype, Battle.net, etc. to your Curse App.



NOTICE - This feature is limited to Skype for the Mac Curse App at this time.  Our team will be adding more.

Friend Sync Settings

You will need to go into the Curse App, and head to the Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the app.

This will open up your Settings options.  Click on the Friend Sync link.

Friend Sync Settings

Curse allows you to control if you want Curse to sync your friends' list from other platforms like Skype, Battle.net, Steam, etc. with your Contact list in Curse.

For this you need to locate the Friend Sync Settings section in the Friend Sync settings.

If this option is turned on it will sync game identities and other friends lists. Note that you will need to login to the account and/or characters you're syncing with Curse running in order for it to be found by our system. 

Note: if you are having issues with a game syncing you may want to try and adding a friend to your game's friend list and then reloading the Curse App.

When Curse sees that you are in game it will ask if you sync your profiles with a friendly little popup.  

Synced Identities

For this you need to locate the Synced Identities section in the Friend Sync settings.

There are three tabs:

  • NEW - these are any new Identities found.
  • CONFIRMED - these are the characters/game accounts you have claimed as yours.
  • DECLINED - these are the characters/game accounts that you do not want synced with your account.

 For more details on how to decline or confirm Identities check out our guide.

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