About Your Account Settings

Follow the Account Settings step then select which area you need more information with.



Account Settings

You will need to go into the Curse client, and head to Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the client.

This will open up your Settings options.  Click on the Account link.

Account Name

The Account name sections let you see what your names are displaying in Curse.

You may see two names:

  • Name to the left is a nickname you can set in your profile options.
  • Name on the right with the Curse flame ID is your Curse Account name.

Change your Curse Account name check out this guide.

To change your Nickname check out this guide.


Having an updated email you have access to is extremely important.  It's visible here so you can easily update it, or check to make sure it is an email you have access to.

We also provide a Recovery Email option just in case you no longer have access to your primary email on the account your Recovery Email can be used. 

Phone Number

This option is like your recovery email.  It gives another way to verify your account with Curse.  

It's a good idea to keep this up to date.  Don't worry, we won't be making 2 am calls to you. :)


Your password is one of the most important tools of protection on your account.  If at anytime you need to update it you can do so through this area. 

It is best not to recycle passwords, and also important to not share it with anyone else.

Curse Premium

From here you can see your Curse Premium status as well as when it will expire.  You can also manage it by using the link provided for easy access.

Contact Setting

Wanna stay up to date on the happenings going on at Curse?  Well - checking these options will allow you to do just that!

If you wish not to hear about our news feel free to uncheck the options.