Supported Games on Curse App

To get a better idea of what games are currently supported - and what features they have, we have created a list to help you easily find out if your game is supported, and what features it has!

Curse App

This is a list of games that the Curse App currently supports. Though may host a lot of addons, mods, and plug-ins for a lot of games - they may not all be supported through the Curse App.

Games can be supported in any of 3 categories:

  • Overlay
  • Auto Matching
  • and/or Mod/Addon maintenance*

If you are having issues with a specific game, please check the list to see if it is supported.

* - Maintenance includes the installing, removal and/or updating of addons, mods, resource packs and/or maps that are legally allowed for the game and are hosted by Curse.

Game Overlay AutoMatch Addon/Mod
Battle Battalions    
Battlefield 4    
Borderlands 2    
Civilization 5    
Diablo 3    
Elder Scrolls Online    
Garry’s Mod    
Heroes of the Storm    
League of Legends    
Left 4 Dead 2    
Magicka: Wizard Wars  
Runes of Magic    
Path of Exile    
Smite (Working to Fix)  
Star Wars Battlefront    
Team Fortress 2    
The division    
The Secret World    
Total War: Arena    
World of Warcraft (Alpha)  
World of Tanks    
World of Warships  

Please be aware that this list may change at anytime as more games are added.  There may be some games supported that have yet to be added to the list.  

If you are wanting to sync your World of Warcraft addons please use the Curse app and make sure you are using the Curse app on all your computers.