About Your General Settings

Follow the General Settings step then select which area you need more information with.



General Settings

You will need to go into the Curse client, and head to Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the client.

This will open up your Settings options.  By default you should already be in your General section.

Contact List

You are able to set up your Contact List to display in one of two ways: collapsed, or expanded.  

For this you need to locate the Appearance section, then the Contact List subsection.

You will have three options:

  • Automatic - will expand and collapse your contact list as needed
  • Always Expanded - will remain expanded at all times
  • Always Collapsed - will remain collapsed at all times

So what's the difference?




Contact Item Size

You are able to set up your Contact List to display in one of three size: Normal, Cozy, or Compact.

For this you need to locate the Appearance section, then the Contact Item Size subsection.

You will have three options:

  • Normal - Will show avatar, name and detailed info text (online status, member number, etc.)
  • Cozy - Like normal, but minus the detail info text.
  • Compact - just status icon instead of avatar and name.

So what's the difference?




Hide Contact While Viewing Mods

If you don't want to see your contact list while viewing addons or mod you can toggle this on.

For this you need to locate the Appearance section and then the Hide contact list while viewing mods subsection.

You have two options:

  • Hide contact list (orange)
  • Display contact list (faded)

If you have this toggled off you will see your contact list when viewing Mods and/or Addons.

Hide Offline Friends

If you only want to see what friends are currently Online you can toggle the option to display offline friends or not.

For this you need to locate the Appearance section and then the Hide offline friends subsection.

You have two options:

  • Hide Offline Friends (orange)
  • Display Offline Friends (faded)

If you have this toggled on any friend that is offline will not show up in your list.  If it is toggled off, your offline friends will appear with a grey status next to their avatar and the tag "offline" under their name.

Hide Favorites

You can set groups and contacts to be favorites.  This helps sorts your contact list and allow those that you may contact most to hang out at the top of your contact list.

You can add and remove people and groups by right clicking on them and selecting Add to Favorites or Unfavorite.

However, sometimes we don't want to show those.  So the Curse client gives you the option to toggle this list.

You have two options:

  • Hide favorites section (orange)
  • Display favorites section (faded)


You can select between a dark, and a light theme to use for your viewing pleasure!  By default the Light Theme is in use.

For this you need to locate the Appearance section, and then the Themes subsection.

You have two options:

  • Light theme - White base with orange and dark grey accents
  • Dark theme - Dark grey base with orange and white accents

Light Theme


Dark Theme


Theme Color

Customize Curse even more!  Don't care for the Curse Orange?  No problem.  Change it to green... blue... teal... pink...  Just locate the Theme color section and click on the color you wish your Curse app to use.

You currently have 16 colors to chose from including Curse Orange, Twitch Purple, Alliance Blue, Horde Red, and Minecraft Green!

It's not just the sidebar that changes to match.  Several areas in the Curse app will also reflect the coloring of choice. Such as links, icons, and important/header text.

The colors works well with either the light or dark theme.  So go ahead and customize your Curse!



If you want to change the the language to display one that is native to your language you can easily do this.

For this you need to locate the Preferences section and then the Language subsection.

There is a drop down with several options for you to select from.  Changing the language will change most, if not all, the language in the Curse client to that language (this does not include text in conversations).


There are a lot of options in this section that can customize how the Curse client behaves.

For this you need to locate the Preferences section, and then the When I click "X" subsection.


The first three options are how the Curse client will behave when you click on the "X" in the upper corner.


You have three options:

  • Minimize Curse to the Task bar

  • Minimize Curse to the system tray

  • Exit Curse

There are a few more settings you may want to customize.

Start Curse when I start Windows - will launch Curse when you boot up your computer and Windows launches.

Run Curse as Administrator - because being admin is awesome!

Enable Emoticons - toggles the use and display on emoticons in text chat.  Toggle the emoticons off will result the emoticons that are posted to display there "text" formatting.  Like :smirk_cat: instead of the icon.

Embed Linked Media - turns linked URL media into a preview in text chat.

Confirm Drag and Drop Uploads - gives you a confirmation before posting an upload into a text chat.

Show Contacts By Game - this will move any friends that are playing the same game as you to the top of your contact list.

Software Rendering Mode - toggles Curse's use of the GPU hardware acceleration.