Forming Groups

If you want something a bit more permanent than a Temp Call for a group of friends you talk to often.  You might want to check out creating a Group.

Please note this guide is an overview of how to use these features.  If you are having issues with groups, please contact our support for further assistance.  

Creating a Group

 Start by clicking on the circle with the + on the left bar.

Select the Form a Group option.

Now you get to select the settings for the Group.

Customize the follow:

  • Group Avatar
  • Group Name
  • Friends in the Group

Now CREATE you Group.

Group Settings

After you have created your Group you can add a few more things to customize.

One thing is the MotD (Message of the Day).  You can click message

Or click on the cogswheel

Then add your MotD

You can also make it so that the members of the group have to use the PTT feature while in the group's call.

Add or Remove Members

Need to add someone to your group?  Click on the Add ( + sign ) icon.  Then type in your member's names.  You can add more than one at a time.  Once you have them added click on the DONE button to add them to the group.

Deleting people from groups is not currently an options, but will be soon.