Making Calls

So one of the best ways to communicate with friends or other gamers is to use the voice features Curse provides. 

Please note this guide is an overview of how to use these features.  If you are having issues with calls, please contact our support for further assistance. 

Making a Temp Call

One option is to make a temp call/session.  These will only last as long as people are in the session. These are great for PUGs, quick groupings, or quick chats.

Start by clicking on the circle with the + on the left bar.

Select the Make a Temp Call flame.  This will start your call session.

Drag and Drop a Friend

You will need to add people to your call now.  You can drag and drop your friends from your friends list and dragging them into the call.

Add Multiple Friends

To add multiple friends at one time try clicking the Add a Friend icon in the lower right corner of your call.

Then doing a search for your friend.  When they appear click on them and search for your next friend.

When you have all of them click DONE.

Using the Session Link

Once you have made a call you will have a tool bar at the bottom of the call session.  Locate the link icon and click on it.

This will save the session link to your clipboard.  Use CTRL + V (Windows) or Command ⌘ + V (Mac) to paste the link to your friends you want to join the call.

They will get a link similar to

If you receive a link or for your friends to use one from you they need to click on the circle with the + on the left bar.

They will want to use the OR JOIN ONE under the Make Temp Call.

This will pop up the option to paste the CTRL + V (Windows) or Command ⌘ + V (Mac) into the text field, and then click on JOIN CALL.

Receiving a Call Request

If you receive a call request you will receive a notification of the request.  If Curse is not the focus program you will have a popup notification (if they are turned on)

Otherwise, you will see the request in the middle of the Curse client.

If you are currently in a call you will also see it appear in your side bar.

You can only be in one call at a time so if you choose to join the new call you will receive a notice making sure you want to leave the current call you are in before joining the new one.