Text Chat Interface

The Curse client offers you a way to chat with friends and family through text chat.



Please note this guide is an overview of how to use these features.  If you are having issues with your chat, please contact our support for further assistance.  


You can now search conversations to allow for you to locate a conversation you may have had awhile ago.

Click on the magnifing glass icon on the top.  Type in the word you are searching for and hit ENTER.

This will bring up a list of comments that contains that word.

Make Calls

You can turn a text chat into a call session with a simple click of the phone icon in the upper right corner.

For more information about call sessions check out our Call Session guide.

Add People

If you are wanting to add other people into your conversation you can simply drag and drop your other friend from your friends' list into the conversation you want them to join.

If you have more than one additional friend you would like to join the conversation you can use the Add People option.  Click on the circle with the + sign in the upper right corner.  Then search for the additional people you would like to add.  When you find them click to add them to the list.  Continue searching and adding people to your list until you have all you want to join then click DONE.

You will then be taken to the option to create a Group.  For more information on groups please continue on to our Group Article.

Post Files

Sometime you want to show your friends an image, or share a file.  You can simply drag and drop it into your conversation.


You can also use the camera or paperclip icons to the right of your chat input.

Click on the camera for image, or paperclip for file, and then locate the image/file.

Once you find it click Open.  This will place it in your chat.  It will give you more options once posted.



What is a text chat without Emoji?  The Curse client comes with numerous amounts of them.  Just click on the smilie face that is right of your chat field.


This will bring up all the emoji that are available to use as well as tabs to sort them for easier use.

We have a wide selection of emojis to use, including Twitch emotes once you sync your Twitch account to your Curse App.


Curse client also allows you to GG! others' posts.  This is away of saying you agree, you like, or awesome post.

Just hover over the post you want to GG! and to the right of it you will see the option.  Click on the GG! to GG! the post.

You can see who all GG! a post as well.


Edit & Delete

Mistype? Didn't mean to post?  Well don't worry you have the ability to edit and/or delete your posts.

To the right of your post, when you hover on it, you will get ••• option.  Click on this and it will give you the ability to edit or delete your message.

So you want to edit it.  Click on the Edit message and then make the changes you want.  Then click SAVE.

Edited posts are marked with (edited) tags and when hovered over will let you know when the edit took place.

If you want to delete a message all together click on the ••• option, and choose Delete message.  You will then receive a confirmation popup asking if you are sure.  Click YES, DELETE IT if you are sure you want to.

Now the post is gone for you and everyone in the chat.