[Curse App] [Minecraft] Sharing Modpacks for LAN Worlds

If you are wanting to share your modpack with just a few friends or for a LAN group; the Curse App allows you to do this. 


This is different than playing on a server (e.g., Hypixel, Blockify, etc.) or SP (single player).  LAN is done where everyone is connected.  Usually on the same network, such as in the same house.  On servers, mods are server side, but with LANs they are client (player) side.  For it to work you need to have the exact same mods as the host client.  The Curse App can help with this. 

Note: This guide is not for personal servers or paid for servers.  This is only for LAN Worlds.

Export Modpack

This only needs to be done by the Modpack creator.

The modpack creator will need to open their Curse App and locate the Minecraft section in the left side.

Then locate the Modpack they are wanting to use on the LAN, and View the Profile (click on the picture, and not the PLAY button).

Make sure all the Mods and Resources are up to date and correct.  Then click on the ••• (3 horizontal dots) and select Export Profile from the drop down list.

In the next window you can rename it or set which version it is.  Once that is correct hit OKAY.

Then choose where to save it.  It will then save it in a zip format to the location you choose.

Share Modpack

After you have your zip file of your modpack you can share this with your friends and family.  You can email it, put it on a flash drive, put it in the cloud, whatever works for you.  The other individuals of your LAN will need to download a copy of it to their computer they will be playing from.

Import Modpack

All players who plan to play on the LAN will need to do this except the modpack creator.

All players planning to play on the LAN will need to make sure they have downloaded the modpack file from the modpack creator.

Individuals will need to open their Curse App and locate the Minecraft section in the left side.

At the top select CREATE CUSTOM PROFILE.

Then select the import link.

Locate the zipped Modpack and allow the Curse App to install it.

Play on LAN

LAN Host

The LAN Host needs to log into Minecraft by clicking on the Modpack Profile like they would as if playing the Profile SP.  Let it install and load normally, and then select Singleplayer option when you reach the options page. 

Hit ESC to open up your Game Menu.  Click on Open to LAN.

Select the settings for the LAN world you would like and continue.  You will now reenter your World, and have a note with the port that you will need to give any player that wants to join.

Note: This will change each time you restart your World into a LAN.  So other players that join may need to update their port in the server address.  When you log out everyone is kicked out of the World and it is reverted back to a Single Player world.


Next open your Command Prompt and type in ipconfig then hit ENTER.

This will bring up information about your IP Configuration.  You are looking for the IPv4 Address.  It's usually something very similar to, but may be slightly different.  Other countries may have something different.

If your friends and family are still having issues connecting you may need to set up the port forwarding.

You will need to log into your router, and have both the IPv4 and the Default Gateway.  Both of which can be obtained in the IP Config from before.

Make sure you have port forward port 25565 to your IPv4 (Local IP).

You can find more details on how to do this on Google, but if you are a using your parents' network please ask before making any changes.  We are not responsible for any damage caused by changes you make and cannot assist you with this step.  Doing a port forward is at your own risk.

However, this may not be require unless you are hosting an actual server, and not a LAN world.


Go into the Curse client and click play on the Modpack.  Let it install and load normally.  When you get to the selection screen choose Mulitplayer.  Select Direct Connect.  Next type in the IPv4:Port as the Server Address.


Now click Join Server, and enjoy!