[Addons & Mods] Locating Addons & Mods

So as many of you have noticed - our Curse.com website has taken on a new appearance.  With this, things have been moved around a bit.  But don't worry, we still have Addons and Mods available like we used to.  They've just changed their location. 

The first location you can find them is on the Curse.com Landing Page.  You will need to be logged out of the web browser app for this to show up.

If you look in the upper right section of the page you will see a menu.  The link MODS will take you to our Addon & Mod section of the site. 

The second place it shows up on this page is on the left side under the Download blurp with the tag line Looking for mods?.  This is a link to the addon and mod section of our site.

If you used the menu and went to Games > World of Warcraft, you would land on the Warcraft page.  This gives you some details about how the Curse client will be relating to the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. 

Scrolling down near the bottom you will find a section about Addons.


One of the last places you can find a link to the Addons and Mods page is on the Download page.  If you use the menu in the upper right, and click on Download.

You can download the Newest Curse application here, but it also asks if you are Looking for mods?, which will link you to the Addons and Mods section of our site.

For those of you who may still be having issues you can locate it directly at our http://mods.curse.com link.