Two Clients; Installing Addons

The new Curse App has Addon and Mod management for World of Warcraft and Minecraft.  Rift, Wildstar, Elder Scrolls, Runes of Magic, and The Secret World will need to continue to use the Legacy Curse Client v5 for the time being.

These feature are still being worked on by our developers to take the best of the Curse Client v5 and make it better!

Two Curse Apps

Curse currently has two Curse apps for you to use.

Curse Client v5

If you need to manage your Rift, Wildstar, Elder Scrolls, Runes of Magic, and The Secret World addons you will want to download the Legacy Curse Client v5.  

Curse Client v5 is the older client that help you install and manage your addons.  Curse Client v5 will stick around until the addon manager features are released into the newer Curse app and are good to go.

If you need to re-download it you can do so by going to

Note: Don't forget you can also manually download and install Addons for Rift, Wildstar, Elder ScrollsRunes of Magic, and The Secret World by going here to download them and following the proper guides to install them.


The newer Curse App has many features for gamers.  It includes features that work with World of Warcraft such as chat, and in-game overlays, and addon management.  This allows you to have voice chat with pugs, guild members, and friends, all without costing anything or giving out personal information such as your, Skype, server info, or IP. Not to mention it's not just for World of Warcraft, but supports many other games as well.

There's also a Guild Server feature that allows you and your guild a place to chat.  Once again at no charge.  

If you enjoy streaming you can also set up a server specifically for your streams, or join your favorite stream if they have a Curse server.  

Best yet, you can have both Curse Client v5 and Curse running on your computer at the same time.  So no need to uninstall one to use the other!

Mac Users

As a Mac user you may be aware the newer Curse app has a Mac supported version because of this we are no longer supporting v4 at all.  As the new Curse app has more features and is better developed for the newer OS's we suggest updating to the new Curse Mac app.

Please be aware that the v4 client is no longer supported.  This means we no longer provide updates or fixes, and our Customer Support does not provide support if you have any issues with it.  It is also "use at your own risk".  Because it was created several Mac OS's ago it may or may not work, and may contain bugs.  

Support Guides

While Curse has both of the clients available there are two sets of Support Guides.  Please make sure you are using the correct guides for the correct client.  As doing steps for the other client may not work - or worse could cause more issues. 

Curse Client v5

If you are having issues with the Curse Client v5 please look in guides marked [Client v5] or [Legacy].


If you are having issues with the newer Curse app please look in guides marked [Curse App].

Search Feature

When using the search feature make sure the guide you click on is for the correct client.