Temporary Accounts

Temporary Accounts allow you to use the Curse app without creating a full blown account. So if you have a friend who doesn't have a Curse Account, but wants to try out Curse with you guys, no problem.


Note: These are only available on the Web App.  

Creating a Temp Account

 Start by going to Curse.com. On the left side of the page you will see      LAUNCH WEB APP click on it.

Since you don't currently have a Curse Account you will want to use the New User option.  Type in the username you want to be known by on Curse. 

Remember that Curse has thousands of users with accounts.  So you may have to be a bit creative as the name you want may be taken.

Note: Adding underscores, numbers, or alternative spelling could help.

Once you get your Curse username; the Curse launcher will log you in and you can add your friends. 

Note: Do not log out or you will lose access to that Curse account and username.  You need to make it a regular account by claiming it to be able to log in and out.  Read more in the Warnings Section

Make It a Regular Acct

There are several ways to turn your temp account into a full blown regular account.  

The first option is to click on the flame (Home) in the upper left corner of the app.  Then locate the Claim your account! button. 

The second is through a server.  Locate the CLAIM NOW button in the upper right corner. 

Both of these will then have you fill out the details needed to make the account permanent.

The third way is in Settings (cogwheel in the lower left corner).  Then select the Account option.  This will give you a form of the details needed to turn your temp account into a regular one.


There are a few things to be warned about using temp accounts.

If you log out before claiming your account you will not be able to reaccess it.  This means that the Curse username will be locked and cannot be reused.

Curse Support cannot help you gain access to friend's lists, links, chat logs, etc. if you've logged out and can't access the temporary account any longer.  To keep all that you will need to claim the account to make it a regular one.