[FAQ] Curse App Options

So you've got questions about the Curse app's options? Well, we have a list of some of the most common ones we think that gamers may have all in one spot. Hopefully this will help assist you while you are exploring Curse app!

If you have questions more about the new Addon Feature check out this FAQ.


Q. How do I change my Avatar?

A. Please read this guide to learn how to change your Avatar.



Q. How do I change my Curse username?

A. You can learn how to change your username with this guide. It's easy to do in-app!



Q. How do I remove game identities?

A. This guide will explain how to remove game identities.



Q. How do I hide my characters from my profile?

A. You can find out how to hide your characters from your profile through this guide.



Q. How do I stop Curse app from syncing my characters?

A. This guide explains how to turn off character sync.



Q. How do I set up a server for my guild?

A. No worries! We have a this guide here to walk you through how to create a server.



Q. How do I delete a server I created?

A. Servers can't currently be deleted, but you can "hide" them. The best way to do that is follow our guide here.



Q. I left my server. Can you give me admin access back?

A. We are sorry, but Curse Support cannot make alterations to permissions or roles on a server for you. This includes making you admin -- even if you did create the server.

If there were other members on your server, before you left, one of them would have been granted admin rights.  You can ask them to grant you back admin permissions.

If you had no members in the server you can create a new one and invite your guild members to it.



Q. I don’t want all this social or voice stuff! How do I turn it off, or uninstall it? I just want to install and manage my addons!

A. The social and voice aspect of the Curse app is built in, and there is currently no way to turn it off. There are settings that can prevent the Curse app from syncing your game identities, and to prevent people from adding you as friends, which will limit those features for you. You can also set the Curse app to open directly to your addons, bypassing any of the social and voice aspect of the Curse app when loading it.