[WoW] [FAQ] Curse App WoW Addon Features

So you've got questions about Curse app's new Addon Features for World of Warcraft? Well, we have a list of some of the most common ones we think that gamers may have all in one spot. Hopefully this will help assist you while you are exploring the new Addon features!


Q. Which games can I add using the “Add Game” option?

A. Currently, the Curse app only supports World of Warcraft, but we plan to add many of those supported by the Curse Client v5 in the future.



Q. What is the UI Wizard, and why would I use it?

A. You may need or want to backup and save your addons for various reasons. Maybe you are reformatting your computer, or you got a new computer and want to move your addons over. Whatever the reason, you can save those and then reinstall with a little help from the Curse app's UI Wizard. Learn more about the UI Wizard with this guide.



Q. How do I install addons using the Curse app?

A. With the Curse desktop application, finding and installing new addons has never been easier! You can learn how to install addons with Curse app by reading this guide.



Q. How do I uninstall addons from Curse app?

A. So you installed the wrong addon, decided you didn't need it anymore, or are just cleaning house. Whatever the reason - you are wanting to delete an addon from your Curse app's list. This guide explains how to uninstall addons from Curse app.



Q. How do I change the theme (Horde Vs. Alliance)?

A. Show your support for your faction by selecting one of two themes for your World of Warcraft addons' page. Learn how to change the theme with this guide.



Q. Where does Curse store my downloaded addons?

A. Curse app, like the Curse Client v5, installs your addons directly into the Addons Directory in your game’s folder. For example with World of Warcraft, by default, it will be located in the “World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns” folder.



Q. Can I install addons manually, and how?

A. Yes, you can install addons manually. However, if they are hosted on Curse, the Curse app will ask you if you want it managed by the Curse app. You can manually install addons by following our Manually Installing AddOns guide.



Q. How do I delete extra game profiles?

A. For whatever reason, you may have multiple game profiles for the same game. If you multi-box you usually have different addons for each account and this will help you to manage each one separately. However, if the reason you have two or more is because of something such as reinstalling the game or moving it to a new drive, you may not want the extra profile lurking around on your Curse app. You can learn how to remove any unwanted game profiles in this guide.



Q. How do I install the Curse app?

A. If you are needing help on how to install the Curse app you can check out our guide on Installing Curse.



Q. How do I uninstall the Curse Client v5?

A. This can be a bit tricky, please follow this guide in its entirety to uninstall the Client v5. There are 2 parts to finishing this process completely.



Q. Can I have both the Curse Client v5 and Curse app installed and running at the same time?

A. Yes, however, if both clients are managing your addons it could cause some discrepancies. We do not recommend it.



Q. Will the Curse app show my addons that are not hosted by Curse (3rd party addons)?

A. They may show, but will not be maintained. If you install an addon from another source that is hosted by Curse, the Curse app will ask if you want it maintained by Curse and will install the Curse version.



Q. How do I manually backup my addons and settings?

A. Prior to doing any kind of major update or changes it is in your best interest, and sanity, to backup your Addons and Settings. You can do this by following this guide.



Q. Do I still need to enable my addons through WoW?

A. WoW has the option to turn on and off addons. Your addons will respect those settings. Also if the addon you installed is outdated (not updated for the current patch or expansion) you will need to select that out of date addons be allowed. However, be warned that running outdated addons can cause issues with your gameplay.



Q. How do I get the Curse app to auto update addons for me?

A. Wanting Curse to do all the heavy work and automatically keep your addons updated for you? Then check out how to Set Curse to Auto Update Addons so Curse will handle it for you!  

This is a Premium only feature. 



Q. Ugg! I don’t like seeing the latest version installed under the addon. How do I remove this?

A. For those of you who want to use a more compact view follow our guide for Using Compact View.



Q. I don’t want all this social or voice stuff! How do I turn it off, or uninstall it? I just want to install and manage my addons!

A. The social and voice aspect of the Curse app is built in, and there is currently no way to turn it off. There are settings that can prevent the Curse app from syncing your game identities, and to prevent people from adding you as friends, which will limit those features for you. You can also set the Curse app to open directly to your addons, bypassing any of the social and voice aspect of the Curse app when loading it.