[Curse App] [WoW] Curse Goes WoW!

The Curse app is leveling up with World of Warcraft addons! We’re bringing streamlined addon management to you as an all-in-one solution for WoW players.

Curse has been given full buffs for WoW, including support for both PC and Mac, rich chat embeds with loot linking and complete tooltips, character profiles to show off your current progress, and easy guild syncing to create a server to play in. We have everything you need to prepare for Legion and hit it hard on launch day!

New Features & Tools


World of Warcraft Addons

Guides to help you change from Curse Client v5 to the new Curse.



More details about Servers, and what they can do for your guild!


Supported Games

World of Warcraft isn't the only game supported by the new Curse. We also support several others!

Support Help



Have a Question? We may already have the answer for you!


Game Features

Guides specific to the game management features in the new Curse.


Known Issues

Having an issues? We may have a guide to help your troubleshoot it!

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