[ERROR] Elevation Failure

The Curse client can detect some critical issues.  When an errors occurs you will get a notice on the HELP icon ( the "?" in the lower left corner of the orange bar)

When you click on the HELP icon it will take you to the Help section where you will want to click on VIEW NOW.

This specific guide is for if you receive the following error as shown below.  

Elevation Failure
A game you launched is running as admin.  Curse was unable to restart with admin rights so the in-game overlay cannot be shown.

UAC Prompt

If the game is currently running as administrator and Curse is not, you will get a UAC prompt asking for permission to elevate Curse further.

You will get the Elevation Failure if you reject the UAC prompt by clicking No.

The easy solution is to click Yes when the prompt appears or to lower the priority of the game being played.

Game in Admin Mode

You may have a game set to run as administrator without knowing it. The best way to check is to right-click your game's icon.  Then select Properties.

Go to the Compatibility Tab. Make sure the Run as Administrator option is disabled.

Then click on the OK and try again.