[ERROR] Compatibility Error

The Curse client can detect some critical issues.  When an errors occurs you will get a notice on the HELP icon ( the "?" in the lower left corner of the orange bar)

When you click on the HELP icon it will take you to the Help section where you will want to click on VIEW NOW.

This specific guide is for if you receive the following error as shown below.  

Compatibility Error
The In-game overlay for a game was disabled because Curse is running in compatibility mode.

The overlay will automatically be disabled in the case that Curse is running in compatibility mode.

Disable Compatibility Mode

To disable compatibility mode right click on the Curse icon.  Then click Properties.

Select the Compatibility tab, and make sure all options are disabled.

Note: The Compatibility tab may look a bit different depending on which version of Windows you are running.

Click on the OK option and try again.