[FAQ] Curse App Common Questions

So you've got questions about the Curse app? Well, we have a list of some of the most common ones we think that gamers may have all in one spot. Hopefully this will help assist you while you are exploring the features!


Q. Is the Curse app free?

A. Yes, the Curse app is free and fully functional. However, for those gamers who would like a few more bells and whistles and wish to show their support to the community, there is a Premium subscription for Curse available.



Q. How do I get Premium to show up in the new Curse app?

A. First make sure you are using the Alpha version of the Curse app.  Once in Alpha try using this guide on getting Premium to show up.



Q. What features are not being carried over from v5?

A. Though we try to bring as many as possible, some features did not make the cut because they are outdated or just wasn't used that much. The features that won't be available in the new Curse are:

  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard support
  • Ability to select multiple addons and update them
  • Legacy themes are no longer available
  • Saved Game backup for Minecraft and Skyrim
  • Recent list of addons in taskbar jump list



Q. Is there a Mac version?

A. Yes, the Curse app is available for Mac OS, and includes the World of Warcraft addon feature as well†.

* Please remember that older versions of Mac OS may not be able to run the Curse app at this time. The Curse app works on Mac OS X 10.9+.



Q. Can I install addons using the Curse Web App?

A. No, the web app does not include the addon or mod features. You can download and install addons manually from https://mods.curse.com/ however if you prefer not to use Curse App.



Q. Does the Curse app store my battle.net information?

A. No, the Curse app does not require, nor uses your battle.net username or password.



Q. I found a bug. How do I report it?

A. You can find more information on reporting a bug in this guide.



Q. I have a suggestion. How do I get it to you guys?

A. In the lower right corner of WoW Addons section you will see a GIVE FEEDBACK option.

You can also follow the same guide as reporting a bug, but select the Give Feedback option instead.



Q. How do I set my Curse app to Alpha?

A. Using Alpha can result in bugs or issues and should not be assumed that it is the final product, and the user should be aware of risks that comes with using an Alpha version.

To change your Curse to Alpha, click on the ? in the lower area of the toolbar on the left.  Select About Curse.  Select the option to change Alpha.  Allow Curse to install changes and reload.