[Mobile] Giveaways

Don't miss another giveaway your community is doing just because you are AFK!  Keep up to date with the giveaways and enter to win them while you are on the move through the Curse mobile app!

Note: Giveaways cannot be created or managed via mobile devices.  For assistance with creating and managing a Giveaway please check out this guide.

Giveaway Notification

When the server starts a new giveaway you can enter, you will receive a notice that there is a giveaway.  From here you can enter the giveaway by clicking on the Enter button.  It's as simple as that!

Once entered it will let you know your status 

Giveaway Status

To check the server's giveaways and their status click on the # in the upper right corner of the server.

Then locate and click on the Giveaway you want to view.

You will get a popup at the bottom of the screen letting you know the status of the event. 

Giveaway Winners

Winning is one of the best parts of a giveaway, and Curse Mobile makes it easy to see who won.

If someone else wins - you will get a popup letting you know who won, and if they claimed their winnings.


If you win, though, you will see something a bit different.  A popup letting you know you won with a Claim button.  Don't miss out by not claiming your prize!

Once you have claimed you will receive a notification.

Giveaway Notice

Please be aware that Curse is not connected with any Giveaway through the Community Giveaway feature (unless otherwise stated).  

It is up to the individual hosting the giveaway to make sure prizes are awarded to the winners.  Curse will not be able to assist in any issues of not receiving prizes.

Questions about Server Giveaways should be directed to the host of the giveaway in that server.