Launch into Safe Mode

With some issues we may need you to boot your computer into Safe Mode.  This will prevent a lot of your programs from running when you start your computer, and this will let us know if there is anything on your computer causing the issues.

Note: This is not a solution.  This is a troubleshooting step that you may be asked by support to try.  Please be aware this is a troubleshooting step for specific issues only, and may not help with your issue.

This is fairly easy to do.

Click Start and in the search type msconfig then hit Enter.

Then go to the Boot tab and click Safe Boot (also tick Network).

Now reboot.

Once you have rebooted try running/installing the Curse App.  If it still doesn't work let us know.  If it does work then there is something on your computer that is preventing the Curse App from working properly.  Things like malware, viruses, or even your security software can cause this.

To boot back into Normal Mode; go back into you msconfig and untick Safe Boot to return to normal mode for future booting.  Then reboot again.