Video Call Overview

We heard you loud and clear!  Curse App now comes with Video Calling! 

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You will need to go into the Curse client, and head to the Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the client.

This will open up your Settings options.  Click on the Audio link.

At the top of this page you will be able to choose your webcam - though it should be auto-detected. You can also see a preview of your video. 

You may want to take this time to ensure that your audio settings are setup how you like. You can do this on the same page, just scroll down a bit. If you'd like a more in-depth guide you can check out our audio settings walkthrough.

Making Calls

Creating a video call is as easy as making a regular voice call.  

Let's start with a 1 on 1 video call.  Locate who you wish to video call in your friends' list, and right click on their name. 

It will popup into the call just like a voice call.  Now you just need to wait for your friend to answer!

Adding More

Once in a video call with a friend you can add up to 3 more (total 5 people in the call). To add more click the Add to Call option (person with the + in the lower right corner).

Next search for and add up to 3 more people to your call.  You can select all at once then click DONE to invite them all.

Group Call

If you have a group with 4 or less people (not including you) in it you can do a video call inviting everyone in the group at once.

Note: It is 5 people total in the group; not 5 people online in the group.

In your group, locate the Video Call button (video camera icon) in your toolbar in the upper right corner of Curse App. 

Now the rest of the group will be invited to the call.


To make sure you are only video chatting with people you want to - we have added in a security setting that warns you if there is someone in the chat that is not on your friends' list.  Then you can decide to continue video chatting with them or not. 

You can always choose to enable video later if you change your mind.