No Sound in Curse App

Sound is a very important aspect of the Curse App.  So when the sound is not working it can make things a bit more difficult.  This guide will walk you through some possible solutions for sound issues including not being able to hear notifications.

Audio Settings

You will need to go into the Curse client, and head to the Settings.  This is the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the client.

This will open up your Settings options.  Click on the Audio/Video link.

Scroll down to the Speakers/Headphones section.  Make sure the DEVICE is set to the correct device.  

Note: Though it may seem obvious, but sometimes we just forget.  If you have this set to headphones that's what all Curse sounds will go through.  Including Notification sounds.

Try using the PLAY TEST SOUND to see if you can hear the "dink" sound.

If you have it set to the Default Device you will need to check your computer's Default Device.  Steps for that is in the next section.

Default Device

Locate the sound icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.


Right click on it and select Playback devices from the menu.

Alternative Option

In your search type in Manage audio devices (Windows 10 can search for Sound) and then select it from the list.

Check to see if the device with the green check mark is the device you are wanting to use as your default.

If it is not click on the device you want to use and click on the Set Default button.

If you change the Default Device, close down the Curse App and reload it again to see if the change in Default Device worked.

Windows Sound Mixer

Locate the sound icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.


Left click on it to bring up your computer's volume.  Click on the Mixer text.

Locate the Curse App in the list, and make sure it's not muted or turn down real low.

Outdated Drivers

Like other computer components speakers and headsets may need to be updated.  So check with the speaker/headset company's site to see if they are needing updates.

Companies like Logitech provides software like Logitech Gaming Software, for their G series gear.  You can check for updates through that by selecting the cogwheel and then your headset/speaker from the tabs.  Check to see if your headset/speaker company provides software with settings and easy updating.

USB Port

If your headset is plugged into your computer via a USB port.  Try a different USB port on your computer.  In many cases the USB on the front of your computer may become corrupted or not be plugged in.  So test out another USB port.

Contact Support

If nothing above works please submit a bug report and a ticket.  If you already have a ticket in please attach your Curse logs and connection information.