All Sound Mute/Decrease Except Curse

You can hear the Curse App just fine, but now you can't hear anything else or the sound is turned down while in a call.  We have a few common causes that may be causing it.  Take a look!


Windows has a option in your sound settings that can change the volume or even mute all other programs if you are in a call.  You may want to make sure this is set to the correct settings you want.

Locate the sound icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.

Right click on it and select Playback devices from the menu.

Select the Communications tab and make sure that Mute all other sounds is not checked. 

If you are not wanting any changes to the sound of other apps while in a call check the Do nothing option.

Click OK.

Further Sound Solutions

We have a guide with some of the common issues prevent all sound, but you may also want to give them a try as well to see if one of those may also be the cause for you.