[FAQ] Curse Video Calls

So you've got questions about the Curse App's Video Calls? Well, we have a list of some of the most common ones we think that users will be asking about right here for you. Hopefully this will help assist you while you are exploring Curse app!


Q. Which platforms are video calls available on?

A.  You can use Video Calls on:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Chrome browser

Video calls are not available for browsers (except Chrome), or mobile at this time. 



Q. I don't see the video call option. Why can't I see it?

A. The first thing to check is how many people are in your call. Video calls can only support up to 5 people currently.

The last thing that may cause this is if you’re in a server. Video calls currently can only be used in friend to friend, groups, multi-friend, and ad-hoc calls.



Q. Will making a video call allow others to see my IP address?

A.   No! Your privacy and security is our top priority. Making a video call with Curse will not expose your IP address to anyone else in the call.



Q. Which types of calls are eligible to use video?

A. Friend to Friend, Groups (with 5 members or less), multi-friend, and ad-hoc calls can use video.

Please note that Servers, and any type with over 5 people cannot use video.



Q. Can I share my screen while in a video call?

A. Yes, you certainly can! Please check out this guide for more information. We also have a screen sharing FAQ you can take a look at here



Q. How do I create a video call?

A.  Right-click on someone in your friend's list and select "Video Call". The Video Call option is also located on the top right in a group or friend chat. You can check out our guide here for more information.



Q. What about other features such as fullscreen, or a preview window?

A. These are features we would love to have, but won’t be available in this first release.  We're considering them for the future!



Q. I found a bug, where do I report it?

A. Easy! Just click the “?” icon in the lower-left corner of Curse App, then choose Report a Bug. You can check out this guide for detailed instructions.



Q. I want to provide feedback, where can I do this?

A. There are several ways to give us feedback. After ending a video call, you may be presented with an option to provide feedback. You can also click the “?” icon, then Give Feedback.

We also have an Official Curse Video Chat Server setup that you may want to check out!



Q. Where can I find the settings for video calls?

A. The settings can be found by clicking the cogwheel icon, then navigating to the Audio/Video option. For more details on the Video Call settings; check out our guide here. You can also access this directly from the video call by clicking the cogwheel icon found on the left side of your call.



Q. How many people can be in a video call?

A.   Currently, we must limit calls to 5 or less people. We hope to be able to expand this in the future.



Q. Which webcams are supported for video calls?

A.   All webcams should be supported for video calls. If you experience an issue using your webcam, please contact support for further assistance.